About Us

One Triple Nine is an end-to-end media production company that offers a full range of video production services to its growing base of customers

We’re passionate about producing captivating, high-end video by drawing on over five years experience in corporate video production and having access to a vastly creative network of young, film professionals. We have a dynamic skill set that allows us to work on a variety of productions and also understand that budget is not always entirely constraining and that often the most costly production is not always the most engaging and effective.

We work side by side with our customers to understand their objectives and brand message so that we can deliver a product that adds both value and resonance to its subject matter.

One Triple Nine can help you with any of your video requirements day or night, the lights are always up and the cameras always rolling.


We offer an affordable, streamlined production of filmic quality video that effectively communicates our client’s objectives. We provide a range of services all way from conceptualization and scripting your idea, to the filming, editing and visual effects of your video.

We find engagement with your audience most important and crucial in delivering a brand, product or company’s feel. By clearly interpreting what our clients are trying to achieve, we set out to expertly deliver an unrivalled product that both captivates your audience and adds brand appeal through a professionally produced video of the highest standard.

We have a full offering of basic packages as well as tailor-made packages to suit your business and budget.

Contact us for your easily marketable, high-end video to beef up presentations, exhibit on high definition displays or share over web, email and mobile all at a quick turnaround.

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Physical Address:
27 Luderitz Street

Tel: +27 (0) 11 656 -5878
Email: nic@onetriplenine.com